TGIF #1 Communique

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TGIF Mountain Bike League

Friday May 7 2021
3pm – 7pm Start Times

LOCATION: 5250 Marshall Canyon Road, Missoula, MT US 59802
TYPE: XC style mountain bike league

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for registering for the TGIF Mountain Bike Event this Friday 5/7. The event is part of a 6 week series that spans 7 weeks this spring. The idea for the league is to honor the past series’ at Marshall Mountain while encouraging new riders. If you have any questions or you can’t make it just let me know. My name is Shaun. 406-544-5270. Every week a pre-event communique will be sent just like this one. For the full debrief keep reading below.

This week’s event is a “show and go” format where you can start with up to 4 people total. Here’s a link to a start list for sign up.

Be safe and have fun!

– Interactive MAP
– Results Link
– Current Team Rosters Link
– Start Sheet
– Facebook Group


Interactive MAP

This week’s course was designed with an eye towards starting slow and easy (well as easy as Marshall gets). My knowledge of coaching ZTD and Mammoths has shown me the “kid’s are alright”. Especially on this exact course. I’m more worried about the adults and if you’ve never ridden at Marshall (come to the pre ride tonight). Week 1 is challenging from a climbing perspective, but easier from a technical perspective (for Marshall riding). What are you talking about Shaun?!?!!

1. The wood bridge is out for week one
2. Anchors away descent is out for week one
3. Continuous, mostly road climbing
4. B descent or Gut Descent which is high speed, but everyone should be able to get down it. I will give you one more week to figure out those last 4 switchbacks on the xc descent.
5. Lower hot sauce is fun and flowy, prior to getting to the steeper top portion of the xc descent
6. Finish is halfway up the dual slalom climb

Crux Parts

1. The road climb is hard, Cripple Creek and just after are steep.
2. The top half of the xc descent is tricky. Rocky straightaway and just after that need to be taken slow and you need to be ready if you’ve never ridden it. Take the arrows signs seriously.
3. The final road descent and Gut descent are high speed and you can easily loose control if you go too fast.



This weeks sponsor highlight is Wally & Buck. They are located on 319 E. Front St in downtown Missoula. The best burgers in the city. For week one Wally & Buck are providing a free burger coupon to any finisher. The coupon is given as soon as your cross the finish line.



Results Link
Current Team Rosters Link

At registration you either selected a team or didn’t. I put everyone on a team regardless. This makes it more fun and social and introduces you to the community. I’ve made captains for each team. Captains please reach out to new teammates and start a dialogue. If you’d like to swap teams or make sure a new rider gets on your team, just let me know. Each category is worth the same amount of points. 1st = 10, 2nd = 9, and so on. The overall team winners will be a diversified team. There are no limit on number of members on a team. For the season long individual scoring, it will be the same points you earned from your category and just put into the individual overall. Both team leaders and individual leaders get special jerseys for the week. Jerseys get picked up at registration (pre-washed). At the end of the season you get to keep the jersey for the year. If you lose the jersey please drop it off at MTCX HQ in the drop off area any day before Friday.

Lady Mammoths
Gentleman Mammoths
Zootown Derailleurs
Master Men 40+
Master Women 40+
Men Cat 1/2
Women Cat 1/2
Men Cat 3 – beginner, recreational, party
Women Cat 3 – beginner, recreational, party
Singlespeed Men
Singlespeed Women
Clydesdale 200+

MT Alpha – Bri
Missoula Bicycle Works – Peter
Rattlesnake 1000 – Jason
Missoula Bike Source – Mer
Redbarn Bikes – Todd
MTCX – Emily
Zootown Derailleurs Racing – Radlo
Chickenz & Biscuit – Scott
Hellgate Cyclery – Steve
Big Sky Bikes – Bookie
Trout Lovin Toughs – Jill
Grist/Dram Shop – Selden
The Cycling House – Silverback
MTCX Babies – Heids
Team Work – Patrick


Each week you get a treat or prize from the highlighted sponsor of the week.
Joe’s Pick = Joe will flip a coin when you finish. Head’s you get to visit the Bike Shop Prize table, Tail’s you don’t.
Each week the adult categories will get raffled a Big Sky Brewery 6 pack (1 per category).- picked up at registration the following week
Each week the junior categories will get raffled a Poc clothing item (1 per category) picked up at registration the following week
Leaders jerseys for all categories, the rider with the jersey at the end of the series gets to keep it, picked up or dropped off at registration the following week
If you finish all 6 races you receive a pair of TGIF custom socks. At the finish of each event a unique sticker will be put on your plate, the only way to get the socks is by having all 6 stickers on your plate.
The winning team receives matching crew neck sweatshirts with TGIF logo and “winning team” on it.
No official race podiums for week 1, we’ll re-evaluate for 5/14 event.


I will be there today at 6:45pm for a guided course pre-ride. We’ll go over sections and chat about strategies and tips. This will happen every Thursday for the course.


6am COVID declaration will be sent out tomorrow morning, please fill it out. Masks on at Marshall Mountain except while you are racing. The plan is to continue to offer 4 person show and go starts, but as early as 5/14 add some optional mass start times.

Thanks for reading. I know this first email was a big one. As always let me know if you have questions. I’m sure I missed something! The goal of the series is to have fun, finish the courses and get outside.

See you out there,