About mtcx

Hello, my name is Shaun Radley.

I moved to Missoula from Redmond, Washington to attend the University of Montana. While in Missoula I met my now-wife, Cassidy, out doing what we love – biking the Missoula trails. For the past 18 years we have continued Missoula adventuring, and grown our family to include three children while also building successful family-oriented businesses.

My passion for adventure and bicycling had space to grow and flourish for six years while working for Adventure Cycling. I started with the shop and online retail and quickly moved to office manager, I liked working directly with customers: getting to know them, helping them map out trips, and lending expert gear advice from personal riding experience.

In 2011 I started working for The Cycling House, a local adventure cycling trip business. Again, I started with the online retail side of business, but a genuine interest in others’ cycling experiences led me to the Chief Operating Officer position. Learning from TCH President Owen Gue and Trips Director Brendan Halpin, I sharpened my skills as a regional, national, and international, trip facilitator. While at The Cycling House, I also race directed Missoula’s biggest cyclo-cross and cycling events, including: Rolling Thunder, Montana Gravel Challenge, and Missoula XC. I’m devoted to the local racing community and want to put events on that give juniors and masters an opportunity to test themselves and take a break from work and school.

I see MTCX as a way to culminate everything I’ve learned about the industry, do what I love, and support my local community.  I have access to retail products for biking and nordic skiing to help athletes in need, but I want to be in the local community coaching and putting on events.  I like working together with other Missoula Shops and hope to perpetuate the success of the cycling and skiing in Missoula.  I have years of getting to know hundreds of cyclists. Getting to know bikes. Getting to know skis. Learning how to develop and support an enduring relationship between people and their gear.

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Shaun Radley