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Here is some more information about the MTCX Race Team

I love racing and teams.  Ever since I was little I’ve straddled the line between team sports and individual sports.  I’ve managed multiple amateur and youth race teams over the years, but I’m excited to bring you my own team with my own spin.


Give back and put on events.  If you are on the team the main focus is giving back and hosting events.  MTCX puts on over 20+ races a year and needs volunteers and people interested giving back.  I want people to coach NICA, ZTD, ZANY, and more.


Second to giving back is your race style and philosophy.  What works well on MTCX is a race anywhere, any time, any place type attitude.  You do your best when the gun goes off and you don’t make excuses.  If a teammate needs help you sacrifice your own result for theirs, because deep down we all know that’s more rewarding that even winning yourself.  Minimum ability levels do no matter to MTCX, it’s more about the above philosophy and that you actually race or want to race.  We are a team with strategies, friendship, and common interests. 


– Must fill out the contact form to join.

– Volunteer at 5 events a year.

– Finish every race you start.

– No requirement to wear the kit or suit for a particular sport.


Nordic Team #MTCXBadwaxers 

Skimo Team #MTCXUphillers

Bike Team #MTCXRangers (road, gravel, cyclocross)

Each sport has it’s own outfit and you will be encouraged to purchase that outfit at a discount for the races.  I will come out with an ideal outfit for each sport and you will have the opportunity to buy that (headwear, glasses, top, bottom, outerwear, socks, shoes, gloves).


Nordic – Jesse Carnes, Shaun Radley, Cory Kaufman, Carl Holman, Katie Foote, Orion Berryman, Abby Wiggins, Joe Petrili, Brian Bonham, Jenna Tomiello, Rob Gillespie, Odin Berryman, Ender Berryman, Logan Radley, Toby Meierbachtol, Heidi Meierbachtol

Skimo – Jesse Carnes, Shaun Radley, John Fiore, Monte Cole, Jeff Magovero

Bike – Brian Bonham, Jenna Tomiello, Tino Sonora, Ryan Sudbury, Shaun Radley, Lacey Beerman, Ivy Pederson, Toby Meierbachtol, Cory Kaufman, Carly Holman, Rob Amrine, Will Snider, Jake Yahrmatter, Emily Plant, Joey Lenaburg, Heidi Meierbachtol, Jamie Terry, Julie Kubik, Emily Linton, Sidney Amrine, Elie Meierbachtol, Ali Bronsdon, Danny Spoon, Myla Spoon, Porter Melvin, Jack Berry, Sean Murphee, Brendan Quinn, Tory Kendrick, Ed Joy, Doug Shryock, Ben Horan, Josh Tack, Jesse Carnes, Andrew Plant, Seth Sivinski, Jason Shreder, Cameron Johnson, John Fiore, Elliot Bassett, Andrew Wyatt, Will Harper, Kirby Longo


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Shaun Radley