MTCX Covid-19 Protocol 


  • Please wear a mask at all times, including entering the common space of the building.
  • Max 2 customers in the showroom at once.
  • Hand sanitizer on the way in and way out.
  • Appointment only, or call ahead 406-544-5270.
  • Do not come if you have COVID or are experiencing any COVID symptoms.
  • Surfaces in the showroom will be wiped down and cleaned every day.
  • If you cannot agree to this policy please do not come in.


The following describes general rules for any in person events to minimize the spread of COVID-19.  We follow and work with Missoula County Health, USA Cycling, and local doctors to come up with a more conservative plan for returning to racing.


  1. A six-foot physical distance must be kept and maintained during the event.
    1. There will only be 20 people on at the start/finish/staging areas.
    2. Pathways and staging areas will be flagged off with course tape and signage. Only participants and approved volunteers are allowed within the course tape at certain times.
    3. Number pickup and temperature checks will be done in one line outside at the start/finish area that is separate from the parking area. Ground markings will be made six feet apart so participants know where to stand while waiting.
    4. The starting grid will have a marking for each rider who is starting the race. The markings will be six feet apart in all directions.
    5. Once on course athletes are told to give six feet of passing space when possible.
    6. No award ceremonies and no podiums. Riders are told they can show up 30 minutes prior and stay 30 minutes after their race. After that window, they need to be outside of the flagged start/finish, registration, and pathways.
    7. No spectators
  2. Time trial information.
    1. There will be 15-20 people in the start/finish/staging are getting ready to start their time trial
    2. During current conditions all events will be time trial starts with 1- 2 minute in between.
  3. Symptom and pre-screening for volunteers and participants.
    1. All participants and volunteers will have their temperature read at check-in.
    2. All participants must agree to the “COVID Code of Conduct” at pre-registration and on-site.
    3. If a participant or volunteer has symptoms I will send them home.
    4. If someone shows up in the start/finish, staging, pathways and is not pre-registered for that wave, I will send them away.
    5. Records are kept on vaccination and negative test results.
  4. Keeping things clean and germ-free
    1. There are very few surfaces and the event is held outdoors.
    2. At check-in riders will use cleaned and new pens only. There will be a clean pen and dirt pen cup.
    3. Porta-Potties and a handwashing station will be available in the parking lot area, away from the start/finish.
    4. Hand sanitizer will be available at check-in and will be used when riders check-in and leave check-in.
    5. Masks are required at all times with exception of when athletes are in the race.
  5. Contact tracing and the instance of COVID at an MTCX Event.  We will use Missoula County Health for all contact tracing.  If you are deemed a close contact you will be notified by Missoula County.  If we have any COVID positive cases reported during the event, we will shut down that start block for the following day or week.