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Firday 11/27/2020-Sunday 3/7/2021




500 km


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A ski club based in Missoula, MT.  The goal is to complete 500k.  You log your own winter travel distances in a spreadsheet in hopes to get a sweet shirt.  Other option virtual challenges include the one week Skiathlon and Southside Power Hour.

This is the 5th season of BADWAX. The idea is to get people out in the winter and encourage folks to exericse and stay fit. Each season of 500k means a different color BADWAX Tshirt. It’s very simple, ski and enter in a google spreadsheet. Here are the rules and fun extras for 2021.

2021 BadWax
Friday 11/27/2020-Sunday 3/7/2021
Ski to 500k to be a Champion (get the shirt)

The Guidelines:
Be a Missoula Nordic Ski Club member
No double doubles
Outsiders-any Missoula specific rules you can apply to your place
All non-reporters will be deleted from the sheet 1/1/21

Double K Opportunity:
Ski with your kid in the chariot/pulk, earn double K, all season
Coach Zany, earn double K at Zany practice
There will be one Double K weekend in December. TBA.
There will be one grill out weekend for Double K in February. TBA.

For Fun:
Ski the Badwax Skiathlon 1/26/21-1/30/21, 5 days 24 hours 2 legs

What you get:
Community, health, and a rad t-shirt

explore area

Ski Missoula and the surround area.  Visit for more information about nordic skiing in and around Missoula.

Beneficiary Partner

Badwax is it’s own setup but we work closely with the Missoula Nordic Club and are active members. We encourage you tbe an active member as well.