Merckx Road Bike Challenge


3/24/22, 4/6/22, 4/13/22


Big Sky Brewer, 5417 Trumpeter Way, Missoula, MT 59808


12 Miles


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3/30, 4/6, and 4/13

Join us for a 3-week Wednesday night road bike series. All races start and finish at Big Sky Brewing in back parking lot.  Each week we will do a different discipline of road cycling.  Week 1 is the time trial.  Week 2 is the criterium.  Week 3 is the road race.  Omnium scoring points format for the series.

The Facebook Club is where most race updates are posted.

All races start at Big Sky Brewery in the back parking lot.  5417 Trumpeter Way, Missoula, MT 59808

In Person TT: 6-7pm start times, 2 minutes apart, start list emailed Monday of each week, if you show and go or register late plan on racing after 6:30pm.

Zwift TT: 5:30am or 6:15pm.  A different 12 mile course each week, drafting legal, any bike welcome, start on the gun.  Follow Shaun Radley on Zwift Companion to get invited.

3/30 – Butler Creek TT – 12 miles

4/6 – Big Sky Brewery Criterium – 4 groupings, 35 minutes each

4/7 – Frenchtown Frontage RR – 4 groupings, 40 miles, uphill finish

Race Categories

Men A, Men B, Women A, Women B

Team Overall and Individual Overall

Each category gets points 1st through 20th.  Those same points go to your individual score.  So there will be overall series results for teams and and individuals.


  • All three race finishers get the Merckx TT official shirt.
  • The winning team gets matching crew neck sweatshirts with the Merckx TT logo and Kent Brother Automotive logo
  • The winning rider in each category receives $50 gift card to the Dram Shop

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