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TGIF Mountain Bike League


May 7, 14, 21, 28, June 4, 18


Marshall Mountain


1-2 hrs


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Weekday mountain bike racing is back in Missoula for 2021.  6 weeks of racing every Friday night at Marshall Mountain.  Lot’s of categories and a different course every week.  Challenge yourself on difficult courses and against the best riders in your category.  New for 2021 we will offer some different categories.

May 7th – Mini XC Course & Pre Ride Clinic – Think multiple laps on a shortened pro xc course. Course Link

May 14th – Real XC Course – We’ll graduate to the pro xc course for this week. Course Link

May 21st – Green Gate Party – We’ll start the race by descending to the green gate, climb to the top and descend Moose. Course Link

June 28th – Straight Up | Straigh Down – Climb on the road and descend Bjorn Again, simple and incredibly difficult, hope you are ready! Course Link

June 4th – Hot Sauce with a little Flow – Climb as much Hot Sauce as possible and descent the Hello Kitty Flow Trail. Course Link

June 18th – XC Enduro – We are all a little tired, so we’ll race Flow Trail, dh only, followed by overall series awards and party  Course Link


I love nerding out on categories, so this years series will be no different than what you’ve seen me do in the past.  Drum role please, here are the series categories.  Each category gets a leaders jersey.  Each category will have it’s own number plate color.  For some of the weeks I’ll modify the lap numbers for each category.  That said I will not be modifying the course features.  Missoula has good riders in all categories and it’s fun to challenge yourself technically.  I’m releasing the courses early so riders can pre-ride or scout before racing.

Blue1 – NICA Varsity Girls – Ride with A1, A2 or B1, B2 groups consistently last year or this year

Orange2 – NICA Varsity Boys – Ride with A1, A2 or B1, B2 groups consistently last year or this year

White3 – NICA JV – Girls – Non A1, A2, B1, B2 riders

White4 – NICA JV – Boys – Non A1, A2, B1, B2 riders

Neon Yellow5 – Zootown Derailluers – 8-12 years old, can ride all the trails at Marshall

Pink6 – Master Men 50+

Purple7 – Master Men 40+

Black8 – Master Women 35+

Green9 – Top 50 Local Legend Missoula Rider Man – 18+ – select this category at registration and I will confirm with you

Gold10 – Top 50 Local Legend Missoula Rider Woman – 18+ 0- select this category at registration and I will confirm with you

Red11 – Clydesdale 225lbs+

Teal12 – Beginner but more like sandbagger – please race this category if you are a beginner to racing and/or you feel like there is no category for you and Marshall is scary and your friend told you to do this.



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