Missoula Cyclocross


September 22, 29, October 6, 13, 20, 27, November 3, 10, 17


Ten Spoon Winery, Ranch Club, Big Sky Brewery, Big Sky Park, UM Golf Course


40-50 minutes


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Missoula Cyclocross


A Fall Tradition like none other.   For 2021 there will be 9 Wednesday Races which includes and optional clinic and U18/beginners at 4:15pm (4:45pm) race before the 6pm adult race every week.  The series scoring is for the first 5 races leading up until Rolling Thunder on October 23/24.  The 4 late season races after Rolling Thunder will not count towards the series overall.

Rolling Thunder our big weekend event will be October 23/24.  Please read the details below for changes to the series.  We’ve also gone back to the traditional model of have bike teams and/or shops sponsor certain weeks of the race series.  See the schedule below.  These are the weeks we need help with volunteers if you are on one of those teams.  Email me with questions, montanacyclocross@gmail.com.





  • Every Monday 12pm, starts 8/16  – Cold Cuts Training Ride – Big Sky Park North Field
  • Every Friday 6am, starts 8/20 – Biz and Barriers Training Ride – Big Sky Park North Field
  • August 23 – 27 – MTCX Cross Academy – 8am – 10am – Big Sky Park – Registration Link


    • September 18 – Skills & Thrills – Clinic and Season Opener Race – Series Race
    • September 22 – Ten Spoon Winery – MT Alpha – Series Race
    • September 29 – Ten Spoon Winery – Missoula Mammoths – Series Race
    • October 6 – Ranch Club – Hellgate Cyclery – Series Race
    • October 13 – Ranch Club – Missoula Bicycle Source – Series Race
    • October 20 – Big Sky Brewery – R1K – Series Finale
    • October 23/24 – Rolling Thunder – TBD – Separate Registration Link (Season Pass Does Not Include Thunder)
    • October 27 – Big Sky Park – Big Sky Bikes
    • November 3 – Big Sky Park – Zootown Derailuers
    • November 10 – UM Golf Course – The Cycling House
    • November 17 – UM Golf Course – Missoula Bicycle Works

    4pm – number pick up on site opens
    4:15pm – cx clinic and practice, U18, U12, party category
    4:45pm – race (25 minutes) U18, U12, party
    5:20pm – podiums & awards
    5:15pm – course open for pre-ride to all categories
    6pm – race (45 minutes) Men A, Master Men, Women A, Master Women, Men B, Women B, Clydesdale
    7:15pm – podiums & awards





    Category Selection:

    The U18, U12, and party categories will be scored at the 4:45pm race.  For Stampede Devo Riders, MT Alpha Riders, Missoula Mammoths and elite level juniors you need to work with your coach on what race category to enter.  The bulk of the juniors will race within there age at 4:45pm.  This allows for a less crowded course and more focus on skill development and racing with your own age (also optional 4:15pm clinic/practice).  For an elite level junior, if you’d like to race with faster competition then you would sign up for the ability based category and race at 6pm.  For example, you are an elite level 15-16 junior female and you want to race against the top women in Missoula.  You’d sign up for “Women’s A” for the season and race at 6pm.  To make this decision consult with your junior team coach (Alex, Kristine, Shaun, Meg, ect).



    Onsite registration is available (we’ll ask you to register on your phone) but we encourage folks to pre-register online to keep things smooth on race day. Online registration will be open all the way until that night’s race.


    Race fee:

    $17/race, $120/all race pass, $60/series race pass + online cc fees if you pre-register and register for all 9 races at once before the first race. $12/U12, U18, party categories racer or $75/series, $45/series race pass. All race pass option also includes a free pair of socks for the first 50 riders who chose it.  Socks can be picked up at the first race.  “series pass” is for the first 5 races leading up to Rolling Thunder


    Number plate:

    Keep your plate for the whole series. Please check in every night unless you are a season’s pass holder. Only those that pre-registered for ALL NINE races before the first race do not need to check in each night. This is a benefit for those that pre-register for all the races. Everyone else including those that pre-register for one race at a time must check in each night with your plate number. Or if:

    Forgot or lost your plate
    Are switching categories from something different than you registered
    Did not register for that evenings race


    Categories (self select, or message me for advice):

    • Men/Women: A (advanced, cat 1/2/3) and B (intermediate, cat 4/5)
    • Men/Women Masters 40+ (advanced & intermediate)
    • Men/Women Masters 50+ (intermediate)
    • Men/Women Party (beginner & intermediate) 4:45pm race start
    • Clydesdale 200lb + (encouraged for anyone over 200)
    • U18 Junior Boy/Girl (beginner & intermediate) 4:45pm race start
    • U12 Junior Boy/Girl (beginner & intermediate & can ride for 25 continuous minutes) 4:45pm race start

    IMPORTANT AGE CLARIFICATION: Your cyclocross racing age is determined as of December 31, 2022. Cyclocross determines age on  December 31st of the year that the international Cyclocross season ends. Cyclocross season begins on September 1st of one year and ends on the last day of February of the following year.

    beginner = never raced before, or raced a long time ago, maybe you’ve raced other disciplines, maybe you are more a runner or hockey player

    intermediate = you’ve race a bit, or you’ve raced a lot, but you just want to be competitive and have fun

    advanced = it’s thing for you, you love cx and train for it regularity or have a couple years of race experience

    party = having fun, getting a workout, cheering for folks, learning something


    Starting Order and Call Up (subject to change) 6pm race:

    Must start with the category you signed up for. You may switch categories throughout the season but make sure to tell the registration table before the race. If you switch categories mid season, series points will not be carried with you.  For the first race we will call up the first 6 riders in all categories based on last years overall standings.  Starting with race #2 we will call up the first 6 riders in each category to lineup in your order below.  We will line everyone up and start the first wave.  15 seconds between wave starts.

    1st Wave; Men A; Master Men 40+ (separate scoring)

    2nd Wave: Women A, Master Women 40+ (separate scoring)

    3rd Wave: Men B; Clydesdale; Master Men 50+ (separate scoring)

    4th Wave: Women B


    Series Points and Leaderboard:

    Each race will earn you points in your category. Points will not carry over categories if you race different categories throughout the season (sorry, it’s a too time consuming and tedious to keep track of that). First 5 races all count for the series scoring. Top 25 get points. 25th place and higher get a participation point if you complete 1 lap.

    1st place gets 25 pts, 2nd place 24 pts, 3rd gets 23 pts, etc. 25th place gets 1 point.


Prizes and Leaders Jerseys:

Each week the leader of every category gets to wear the leaders jersey (picked up and dropped at registration)
Top 3 in every category stand on the podium and pick from the prize table



Results will be posted online at www.CompetitveTiming.com as the race finishes. Series Leaderboards will be posted there too. Please contact info@competitivetiming.com if you have questions about the results.


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Missoula, MT is a mini hot bed for cyclocross.

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