Lolo Pass – Winter Wonderland

Dec 27, 2020 | Conditions, Nordic & Gravel, Uncategorized

With the lack of holiday snow, Lolo Pass has turned in to the go to spot for Missoulians.  Big thanks to the Snow Goers, for grooming and keeping everyone ready for winter.  The Missoula Nordic Ski Club has brought grooming equipment up to Lolo and will now groom the Packer Loop.

Currently all areas need more snow, with the exception of Lolo Pass.  The Badwax Challenge for the holidays is focused on Lolo Pass.  Here are some tips for skiing up there:

  • I like bringing all type of nordic skis up to the pass.  With the lack of cell service it’s hard to get a grooming update.  You might be skating the best skate deck of your life or you could be blazing your own classic track in a foot of snow.
  • Follow the Snow Goers live groomer to get the most up to date information.
  • Follow Cory Kaufman either on Strava or Facebook, he grooms and posts a lot of the Missoula Nordic Ski Club.
  • On the weekends park in the lower pull outs and walk or skin up to the skiing.  Also, on busy days I end up backcountry skiing and just avoiding crowds, it’s great family skinning or quick laps with buds.