Merckx Challenge Week 2 Recap

Apr 1, 2021 | Conditions, Nordic & Gravel, Uncategorized

60 degrees and sunny skies greeted riders on Wednesday evening.  Times were much faster with near perfect conditions.  I think those are the fastest possible conditions on that route and the gravel was the best we’ve seen.

All in person riders beat their previous PR on the course.  In all we had 28 riders, which is excellent.  There is still one more chance to officially lay a time down next week.

Our season team and individual battles are shaping up nicely and these will be decided on the last week by small strategies and details.

Kinsey Remien leads the ladies overall with 39 points for MT Alpha.  Jenna Tomiello is right there with a 38 points and a big win last night.  Do not discount Emily Plant and Sidney Amrine Hahn at 36 and 34 points.

Total Pts.#1#2#3NameTeam
392019Kinsey RemienMT Alpha
381820Jenna TomielloSudz and Bubz
361917Emily PlantMTCX
341618Sidney HahnMT Alpha
17170Carly HolmanTCH


On the guys side, new riders through a wrench into the plans for some riders, but consistency pays off and Brian Bonham leads the overall for Sudz and Bubz with 31 points and Jake Yahrmatter is right behind tied with Peter Leclaire at 30 points.  Still in the hunt is Jesse Carnes with 27 points.

Total Pts.#1#2#3NameTeam
311417Brian BonhamSudz and Bubz
301515Jake YahrmatterR1K
301218Peter LeclaireMBW
291316Jesse CarnesMBW
27189Phil HigueraMBW
21201Tino SonoraTCH
20191Ben YonceSudz and Bubz
20713Will HarperMTCX
19172Will SniderMTCX
19118Keyvin PollingtonR1K
1919Ivan GallegoMBW
17107Vincent MoserMT Alpha
16160Cory KaufmanTCH
1414Steve SevillaMTCX
1266Zach MillarMT Alpha
1010Will PereiraSudz and Bubz
880Andrew WyattTCH
734Joe PetriliR1K
550Shaun RadleyMTCX
541Jason MckmackinR1K
55F Kirby LongoMT Alpha
321Greg HejtmanekMBW
33Jonathan ByersMTCX
11Jon DepuySudz and Bubz


The team results are even closer and look for the savy squads to make one week adjustments to steal the overall.

Team Rankings
MT Alpha108
Sudz & Bubz100


Photos by Paul Floyd @one.banana.peel.away

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