Mercx TT Challenge Week 1 Recap

Mar 25, 2021 | Conditions, Nordic & Gravel, Uncategorized

All our photos from week one were taken by Paul Floyd.  A local legend photographer and great guy.  Thanks Paul.  Give him a follow @one.banana.peel.away

On a cold and snow spring day, it felt very much like Missoula bike racing.  23 total starters for the first ever Merckx TT Challenge.  6 did the Zwift option which was 12 miles on the Jungle Circuit.  Results shook up nicely.  Will Snider was in the hot seat most of the day with a time of 36 minutes.  He did the 5:30am race which always takes heart.

As the in person race began we started to believe with mud and head winds that Zwift would be the faster choice today.  Vincent Moser (14 years old) was our first starter in his first bike race ever.  He laid down the marker for the in person folks with 41 minutes.  Kinsey Remien and Brian Bonham looked incredibly fast after Vincent, and the two hearty Missoulians, put up top times and replaced Vincent’s effort.

Once the dust settled and new teams were formed.  Team TCH came out on top with strong performances from Cory Kaufman, Carly Holman, and new series pick up Tino who won the Zwift event.  MT Alpha is right there with the help of Remien’s win and the pick up of Sid the Kid.

Team Rankings
MT Alpha53
Sudz & Bubz51


On the individual rankings it should be a great battle.  Zwifters will have to ride a bit longer next week, but dry conditions on the in person course can change things as well.  Cory is headed for Tucson which changes things.

Total Pts.#1#2#3NameTeamTotal Pts.#1#2#3NameTeam
2020Kinsey RemienMT Alpha2020Tino SonoraTCH
1919Emily PlantMTCX1919Ben YonceSudz and Bubz
1818Jenna TomielloSudz and Bubz1818Phil HigueraMBW
1717Carly HolmanTCH1717Will SniderMTCX
1616Sidney HahnMT Alpha1616Cory KaufmanTCH
1515Jake YahrmatterR1K
1414Brian BonhamSudz and Bubz
1313Jesse CarnesMBW
1212Peter LeclaireMBW
1111Keyvin PollingtonR1K
1010Vincent MoserMT Alpha
88Andrew WyattTCH
77Will HarperMTCX
66Zach MillarMT Alpha
55Shaun RadleyMTCX
44Jason MckmackinR1K
33Joe PetriliR1K
22Greg HejtmanekMBW


Full Results

Merckx Challenge FemalePts.Merckx Challenge MalePts.
6:10 PMKinsey RemienMT Alpha41:19:291206:15pm ZwiftTino SonoraTCH34:23:00120
6:15pm ZwiftEmily PlantMTCX41:21:002196:15pm ZwiftBen YonceSudz and Bubz35:48:00219
6:58 PMJenna TomielloSudz and Bubz44:32:063186:15pm ZwiftPhil HigueraMBW36:34:00318
6:30 PMCarly HolmanTCH45:41:264175:30am ZwiftWill SniderMTCX36:43:00417
6:15pm ZwiftSidney HahnMT Alpha46:21:005166:14 PMCory KaufmanTCH37:07:20516
6:32 PMJake YahrmatterR1K38:14:34615
6:06 PMBrian BonhamSudz and Bubz38:22:42714
6:18 PMJesse CarnesMBW38:40:12813
6:56 PMPeter LeclaireMBW38:42:05912
6:08 PMKeyvin PollingtonR1K41:14:361011
6:00 PMVincent MoserMT Alpha41:48:201110
6:20 PMAndrew WyattTCH42:28:04129
6:04 PMWill HarperMTCX42:33:24148
6:15pm ZwiftZach MillarMT Alpha44:46:00157
7:00 PMShaun RadleyMTCX44:54:05166
6:22 PMJason MckmackinR1K46:26:16175
6:12 PMJoe PetriliR1K52:58:28184
6:02 PMGreg HejtmanekMBW1:02:25:70193
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