Missoula XC 2021 First Update

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June 11, 12, 13, 2021 * Missoula, MT

Hello Racers and Parents,

This email is being sent to past Missoula XC Racers.  I’d like to start providing race updates on a regular schedule.  Below is the current update for the Missoula XC 2021

My name is Shaun Radley.  I was the original race promoter for the Missoula XC.  I’m a supporter and partner of MTB Missoula and continue to work closely in making Missoula a better mtb town.  I started my own bike, nordic, and events business.  Part of my mission is to promote local racing while also helping give opportunities for high level pro and junior racing.  I can be reached at montanacyclocross@gmail.com or 406-544-5270.




I’d been working hard on the Missoula XC, but after talking with Tara at USAC this past week I realized that no one knew that!  I needed to start providing updates to racers and team managers.  This will be the first of many communications regarding the Missoula XC.

We are committed to hosting an UCI elite women/men short track and xc June 11-13, but an exact schedule with times is still a month out.  The Junior World Series short track and xc is also very important to us and I’d like to make those categories happen.  Age group racing would not be able to happen at this point in the planning phase.  Per Missoula County Health regulations and our race COVID committee, we are limited to 100 people at Marshall Mountain per day.  I am continuing to work with race schedules, Missoula County Health, and the UCI on expanding to age group categories and armature racing.  I will keep everyone updated on this status.  If regulations change in Missoula County, we would consider age group racing at some point on the weekend.

That said, the UCI events are likely to occur at this point and my team of 10 staff here in Missoula is prepared to host a bubble style pro event.  I’m working with a production crew to live stream the races, as there would be no fans and the venue would be capped at 100 people so limited support staff.

I love juniors racing, and masters racing (heck I’m one of them).  I’m also the Head Coach of our local NICA Team.  I really want the Missoula XC to be open to all ages.  I will do my best, but it might not happen this year and I want you all to start planning.  I have to stay true to my local Missoula Community and follow the guidance of my county and race doctors.

Thanks for understanding and look for the next update 3/21/21.


Race Website: http://montanacyclocross.com/events/missoula-xc/
My email, montanacyclocross@gmail.com
My cell, 406-544-5270
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Missoula-XC-108356439228423

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