Missoula XC – Third COVID Update

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June 11, 12 * 2021 * Missoula, MT

Hello Riders, Coaches, Parents,

This email is being sent to past Missoula XC Racers.  This is the third update in regards to the 2021 Missoula XC.  To read the first or second update, click this link.

My name is Shaun Radley.  I was the original race promoter for the Missoula XC.  I’m a supporter and partner of MTB Missoula and continue to work closely with them.  I started my own bike, nordic, and events business.  Part of my mission is to promote local racing while also helping give opportunities for high level pro and junior racing.  I can be reached at montanacyclocross@gmail.com or 406-544-5270.




I’ve decided to hold off on opening registration.  We are 90% there with COVID protocols, schedule changes, camping and courses.  I just don’t want to take athletes’ registration dollars without providing the all the possibilities and plans.  I’d like to receive the UCI’s final approval on our race days of June 10 and 11.

Thank you for the emails and support messages.  It means a lot to me and the Missoula riding community.  We started running our first in person events, with a Merckx style time trial.  It’s been nice to see people.  We will have our first gravel grinder on April 16, 17, 18 called the Montana Gravel Challenge.

For the Missoula XC UCI race on June 11 and 12 I’m working on some fun additions for our elite and elite juniors.
– Live stream of the short track and xc
– Live DJ for the short track
– Subtle course changes in the short track and xc to spice things up

As a reminder for local and regional riders our USAC competitive age group race will be June 5th and will ride the pro xc course.  Registration for that even will be released at the same time as the Missoula XC.


Race Website: http://montanacyclocross.com/events/missoula-xc/
My email, montanacyclocross@gmail.com
My cell, 406-544-5270
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Missoula-XC-108356439228423

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