MTCX Holiday Gifts

Dec 1, 2020 | Conditions, Nordic & Gravel

I’ve always loved picking out gifts for friends and family during the holidays. Now it’s time for me to help you!  One stop shopping and service for your favorite biker or skier.  I can put together fun little custom packages or you can just quick order anything below.  Shipped or delivered.

Caring for your friends and family this holiday means helping them get outside having fun! And we all know that getting out the door is the toughest part on those cold days. Having dependable, warm gear that you like to wear will actually encourage you to get after it. Here are some gift ideas for the outdoor enthusiasts in your life:


1. Swix Gloves – Keeping those fingers toasty is key to enjoying the last few k’s of a long ski or outlasting everyone else in a snowball fight! BUY


2. Swix Poles – These poles will make you feel more powerful and keep you upright; encouraging great form and making you a better skier. Also all the pros are skiing them.  We’ve got the Quantum 4 and 6 in stock. BUY


3. Masters Poles – Downhill ski poles for the whole family.  We have a variety of fun colors and styles and prices starting at $29.99.  Contact me to buy.


4. HED Emporia Gravel Wheels – Catch up with the latest gravel road possibilities and find out what everyone’s been talking about.  That latest in a gravel and road wheel. BUY


5. Trainer (Saris H3 or Wahoo Kickr) – Be sure to maximize your fitness while maintaining social distance in the dark months.  Join weekly virtual community events to connect with friends! BUY


6. Cougar Wool Socks – Everyone loves the feel of the springy cush of a new pair of socks.  These stylish cougars aren’t just for women in their 40s…they’re for everyone! BUY


7. MTCX Fitted Kids Hat – A solid kid’s hat is hard to come by, this one is bright and fits comfortably. BUY


8. MTCX Coffee Mug – Wake up to inspiration and motivation when you drink your morning brew out of this holiday gem! BUY


9. Open Wide Gravel Bike – Talk about gift of the year!  Put a deposit down on your partners new spring gravel bike.  Open Wide Carbon Gravel bike with SRAM Etap 1x groupset, guaranteed delivery by February 1st.  Free MTCX gift package for under the tree.  $2000 deposit and $3900 due at delivery.  Contact to buy.


10. Garmin Forerunner 45S multi sport watch – – This is a great little watch.  Smaller head face for comfort and all the bells and whistles you want in life and fitness tracking. BUY


11. Parlee Chebacco Gravel Bike – Pre-Order the 2021 Chebacco Gravel Bike.  Put a deposit down and guarantee delivery by February 1st.  New geometry and SRAM Wide AXS groupset.  $2000 deposit and free MTCX gift package for under the tree. Contact to buy.


12. Atomic C1 and C2 kids classic skis – Binding comes mounted for you.  110, 120, 130 in C1 and then 140, 145, 150, 160 in C2 for the bigger kids.  BUY