Pan American Cyclocross Update Email

Oct 20, 2023 | Uncategorized

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Friday, October 20th, 2023 – next email Friday October 27th

Hello and Welcome to Missoula

My name is Shaun Radley, I’m the promoter of the Pan American Cyclocross Races held on October 4th and 5th.  We have a very fun and festive cyclocross community here in Missoula.  Everyone is excited to show ya’ll a good time!

I am a fun person and Missoula is a fun/weird place, I will always try to out work problems and do what’s best for everyone.  You will love our area.  We try to be very honest and open with folks traveling, so that you can make decisions.  Thanks for your patience and thanks for considering the event.

Important Rule Updates:

1. We got forwarded a letter from the UCI in regards to UCI approved stickers on bikes.  Essentially for the 23/24 cyclocross season riders will not be required to have the sticker.  Just at the World Championships.  The full letter is copied below.

2. Masters Pan Am Races will require a valid UCI license.  Not just a UCI ID, but a valid UCI license.  Our race secretary is going through registered riders and the database and we’ll email you if you need to update your license.  Locally, this has turned into a real deter-ant to racing Pan Ams.  I’m sure those reading this feel the same way.  We are working with a local sponsor to help with UCI license expense for Masters and we are also working with Bonnie at USA Cycling on a coupon for licenses.  I’ll will get back to this group asap with details once I know.

3.  33 wide tires will be a thing.  For Pan Am Masters and UCI racing the block will be out and be used.

4.  I’m updating the Tech Guide all the time with these rule changes.  The latest is here.


– Course – We’ve started to ride the course at our local events.  Check out our latest map here.  The course could be characterized by short steep runs and rides, off camber sections, and pretty scenery.  Here are some photos from our most recent race on course features by Myke Hermsmeyer.

– Missoula Cyclocross Photo Album – Pictures from racing this year!

– Weather – The long range forecast is calling for cold, but clear racing.  High’s in the mid 30’s, but sunny.  Some light snow here and there the week leading up to it.  I’ll keep you up to speed on this.

– Food, drink, fans – All racers get free socks, a free meal, and free drinks.  Our fans will come out and show you the love.

– Accommodations – Use our room blocks off the website, still lot’s of space left.  Our favorite restaurants in town are Wally and Buck, Porte Rouge, and Scotty’s Table.

– Parking/Team/Pit – Things are coming together.  Parking is free so is admittance.  Team areas are starting to fill up which is rad, make your reservation if need be.  The pit will be solid and we’ll make sure our mechanic friends feel good.


Full Letter from the UCI in regards to frames:

UCI Commissaires
Aigle, 20.10.2023
By email only

Subject: Clarification on UCI Cyclo-Cross Equipment Regulations for the 2023-2024 cyclo-cross season

Dear UCI Commissaires,

The UCI would like to provide a clarification in relation to the communications sent on 27 July and 9 October

2023 regarding the use of UCI Approved Framesets within UCI sanctioned Cyclo-cross events.
For the 2023-2024 season, framesets that do not display a UCI Frameset Label and are not published on the list of UCI Approved Framesets may continue to be used in Class 1, Class 2, Continental Championships and UCI Cyclo-cross World Cup events[1]

For the purpose of clarity, the UCI wishes to emphasize that the use of UCI Approved Framesets will be mandatory at the 2024 UCI Cyclo-cross World Championships in Tábor, Czechia, for both the Men’s and Women’s Elite categories.

We trust that this guidance provides a clear understanding of the rules in place for the 2023-2024 UCI Cyclo-cross season. If you have any further questions or require additional information, please do not hesitate to contact the UCI Off-Road team.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


UCI Innovation Team