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Partner Information

Zootown Derailleurs

Zootown Derailleurs – “ZTD” is a youth mountain bike program in Missoula, MT.  It’s run by Missoula Parks and Recreation and Meg Wicher.  It’s been a game changing program for our cycling community.  The program runs in the spring and fall for 5 weeks at a time.  Coaches range from high school riders, college aged riders, and parents.  ZTD is designed for beginning to intermediate riders ages 2-12.  MTCX helps ZTD with coaching and some event planning.  For more information visit the link below:

The Cycling House

The Cycling House is a bicycle touring company based out of Missoula, MT and Tucson, AZ.  Trips are run in Mallorca, Tuscany, Montana, Arizona, and many other locations across the globe.  The Cycling House runs intimate, small trips where you get to know the guides and other riders.   The food is prepared and served by in house TCH chefs.  Local incredients and healthy choices are the name of the game.  For any day guiding or bicycle tours I’d highly recommend The Cycling House.  MTCX provides some day guiding for TCH as well as retail support and permitting.


Zillastate is a real estate and property management company located in Missoula, MT.  Owner and Operator, Jed Dennison has supported Montana Bike Racing for the last 20 years.  He sponsors every race I put on, and loves seeing youth and adults compete and do their best.  Jed personally donates time and money to almost every cycling program and race in town.  His passion and genirousity have single handely kept the racing scene alive in Missoula.  I’m happy to support Zillastate and proud partner to everything they do.

MTB Missoula

MTB Missoula maintains, creates, and manages some of trails in Missoula, MT.  They do other things, but that is the best thing they do for MTCX and our community!  Ben Horan is the ED and Brian Williams is their go to trail builder.  I helped merge the bike racing and adocacy things in 2016.  Now I help MTBM with events and am a proud donor and supporter.  If you want to get involved with trail days or volunteers check out their website.  Also, their Trail Forks page is a great resource for local trails.

MT Alpha

MT Alpha is a women’s only bicycle team and club based out of Missoula.  They have been tremendously succsesful at getting more women on bikes and providing supportive atmosphere for females in sports.  I whole heartedly support the group and their mission.  MTCX provides coaching support at both cyclocross and mountain bike clinics.  Also, MTCX supports Alpha with race advising and event promotion.  I’m also a proud donor.  Please consider joining the team Alpha team or supporting.  We need more things like this.

Big Sky Brewery

Big Sky Brewery is a regional spot based in Missoula, MT.  They make delicious beers like Moose Drool and Summer Honey.  I like their beers but what has made them unique in our community is the personal and high level of support they provide bike and ski racing.  They have sponsored every event I’ve put in in the last 10 years (100 or so events).  Not only do they sponsor and support they also show up and volunteer.  They live in this community and support with beer and volunteerism.

Missoula Mammoths – NICA Team

The Missoula Mammoths is a high school mountain bike team.  The Mammoths is a NICA team and competes on the Montana Interscholastic Circuit.  There are teams in Whitefish, Bozeman, Butte and Helena.  More teams are being created all the time.  The Mammoths practice on Mondays and Thursdays and the seasons lasts from July – October.  Coaches are run through a formal training program.  The team is for middle school and high school aged kids.  I coach a group every season and love being a part of the squad.

Ccompetitive Timing

Oh were to begin!  Competitive Timing is the best race timing service in the northwest and rocky mountains.  Cory and Matthew are good friends of mine and have built a tremendous company.  I am a race announcer for Competitive Timing, but also and events director.  For all my races Competitive Timing will be the official timer and their website will host all results.

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