Rattlesnake MTB – Fenceline

Oct 10, 2020 | Conditions, Rattlesnake

Got to hit a classic after work Missoula MTB ride this week.  I rode Fenceline in the Rattlesnake Recreation Area on 10/7/20.  We did a modified version, just up the Turkey Trot trail or the trail that cuts the route in half.  I was recapping the descent with my buddy and talking about how fun the trail is.  I kind of take if for granted but it’s flowy and fun.  The re-route that Brian Williams of MTB Msla designed a couple years ago is still fabulous.  The view from the top of Turkey Trot trail is priceless at sunset.  It’s still good, go ride with while you can!  It’s not officially a one way trail, but everyone rides and runs it counter clockwise so I’d stick to that.  Thanks!

Strava segment and GPX here.