Seeley Lake is Skiing Great – Badwax Update

Jan 18, 2021 | Nordic & Gravel

Big thanks to Lynn and the Seeley Lake Nordic Club for getting the Seeley Trails dialed in.  It’s been a great blessing.

Below is an update the Badwax Challenges coming these next two weeks:

Great work Badwax Skiers!

There are now 96 skiers who logged over 100k for this year.  This is fabulous.  Still a month and two weeks to go.  Also, we’ll be ramping up the double K opportunities.  For challenge double K use the orange background on the cell.  Lot’s of skiing and double k for the next two weeks.
– Great job on the Seeley Speed Run.  We had 25 finishers of the perimeter loop and 9 finishers for the classic challenge.  34 x $10 = $340 to the Seeley Lake Nordic Club.  I will send and post the check today.  Thank you for supporting the club.  I will pull one Swix Pole winner from the 25 finishers and one from the whole badwax list.  I’ll post and email individually.
– Papa Gaskill has a Lubrecht challenge for today and Tuesday.  There are fresh new MNSC stickers stashed at the top of E Loop behind the map sign.  Grab a sticker, post it on social media tagging MNSC, and double your K for the entire ski.  Valid today, Monday and tomorrow. HECK YEAH!!
– In February will be the “Ski for Stewardship” Challenge.  In conjunction with Five Valleys Land Trust we’ll offer a special challenge for all skiers.  Badwaxers will receive double K and new skiers will be pumped to ski and learn more about stewardship and ski opportunities across Western Montana.  Details for this challenge will be released in the coming weeks via email and social media.
– Virtual OSCR 25k, 50k, 25k classic – January 30th.  I spoke with Lynn on the trails yesterday at Seeley.  He was clearing trees and starting his grooming process for the OSCR (what a legend).  The course will be groomed really well for the 30th.  For Badwax folks if you do at least one lap of the OSCR course between 1/18 – 1/31 it’s worth double K.  We’ll also track OSCR results on our challenge tab, if you do multiple just keep replacing your best time.
1/18 – 1/31 – “Badwax Skiathlon”
“A tradition like no other….the Masters on CBS.”  Na, this ain’t golf and Joe isn’t Jim Nance.  That said it is Skiathlon week and it’s a tradition here at Badwax.  Parents, full time workers, and now juniors squeeze in ridiculous skis and time crunches.  All Skiathlon skis are worth double K (you do not have to finish skiathlon to double K).  Non Missoula area skiers create your own skiathlon course and double your K.
– Skate Portion – OSCR 25k lap, strava map
– Classic Portion – E Loop out and back, start your watch at junction 1 on the map, ski to junction 13 and ski back the way you came. view map
– Bonus Portion – Classic ski pilcher out and back (traditional leg)
– To count for the skiathlon combined time you have to ski these within 24 hours of eachother.
– Double K for anyone who attempts or just finishes one leg
– Non Missoula area skiers, create your own skiathlon and log those Double K, also please register your times on the sheet, thanks!

Good job skiers, way to get out.  Proud of you.
Shaun & Joe