TGIF week 2

May 16, 2021 | Marshall

Spring weather came out in all its glory for the 2nd TGIF Mountain Bike Race, and first mass start event of the year. We had 25 juniors finish in the Mammoths and Derailleurs groups–an amazing spectacle to see the mass start of strong, confident juniors ready to tackle the Pro XC course. ZTD ladies podium was Willa Bookwalter on top, finishing in just over 35 minutes, followed by best friends Amelia Lurgio and Wren Bookwalter. ZTD boys had another strong race for Danny Spoon, clocking a lap in just over 22 minutes, with Grant Radlowski and Xander Wright taking 2nd and 3rd. Lady Mammoths had a 1-2 spot switch– Ellen Davis crossed the line after 2 laps at 47 minutes; Elsa Westenfelder, last week’s leader, crossed just under a minute after. A tight race for these two, and strong riding. Gilly Millar also showed some great strength and lots of smiles and came away with 3rd. In the Gentlemen Mammoths category, Keller Mitchell from Kalispell finished two laps in just under 42 minutes, giving him the leaders jersey again, for next week’s race. Murphree and Musco finished within two minutes of each other; these three boys are ones to watch– both weeks were close, and the competition is strong. The Mammoths in general have some excellent riders, who put in the time and training, eager for the W. They all should feel proud of themselves.


Brendan Quinn solidly holds first in our Clydesdale group, but Callen, Mahns, and McMackin have some close times over these two races–we’ll see if any one of these guys pulls ahead over the final 4. Yesterday’s 2nd place finisher, Dan Decato, is the wildcard in the mix, whose time was evenly between 1st and 3rd.
Ivan Gallego jumped into the Men’s Cat 1/2 mix this week, with Grotts still sweeping first, and Gallego and Mazza working hard for the 2nd place spot. Gallego earned it, finishing just over 2 minutes after Grotts. The excitement for the spectators was the sprint finish between Burgess and Foster– Burgess had a slight lead up the hill, and they both gave it their all, with Foster finishing less than a tenth of a second in front of Burgess! That sprint was a highlight of the evening for me, and both men should be proud of their effort.
Heidi Meierbachtol was another star of the evening; the women’s mass start was 5 minutes after the men’s, and Heidi CAUGHT the end of the men’s race, true badass style, placing first for the Women’s Cat 1/2. Carly Holman raced 2 laps and switched from Party to Cat 1/2 Women, looking for the challenge. The party categories had two first time MTB racers, Ruby Powell and Brian Bonham, and they did phenomenally well, both placing second in their respective categories.  Michaela was our first racer out at the show-and-go time, and took first in the Party category for the second week in a row. Masters Women saw a W from Jill Alban, just over a second ahead of 2nd place Heather McAdams; Masters Men saw a 1st, 2nd, 3rd within two minutes of each other, from Johnson, A. Gallego, and Sevilla, respectively.


Week 2 was a blast, we had real podiums, Burritos from Burns Street, giveaways from Kent Bros, and prizes from the local bike shops. We’ll get the team points emailed out soon, but what would get you some real points are some single speed racers! Get your friends out here to have fun with TGIF. Balsam root are in bloom, and Montana spring mtb racing is in full force. Hopefully we’ll have sunshine for next week’s ride– a tough course, for sure!


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