University Golf Course Groomed this Winter…Go Get it!

Nov 18, 2020 | Conditions, Nordic & Gravel, UM Golf Course

Steve Gaskill and Cory Kaufman of the Missoula Nordic Club are leading the charge on a great new development in Missoula’s XC ski access – grooming the UM golf course! They will be out there grooming the golf course throughout the winter. As we saw this last snowfall, it doesn’t take too many inches to make it happen! You can check out the grooming reports here.

The great thing about skiing on a golf course is the easy access and flat terrain. Skiers can park in the lot located behind UM’s Dornblaser Track and access the trails on the west end of the golf course, or park in the smaller lot located by the community gardens and greenhouses on the south end of the golf course. Both parking areas are steps from the trails.

The easy rollers that you get on a golf course are a great way to introduce kids and beginners to the sport. There are a number of gently sloping stretches where skiers can practice glides and drills. It’s also a fantastic place for parents to ski while their kiddos go sledding on the adjacent hills. Bring some hot cocoa and PBJs and you’ve got yourself a fantastic covid-friendly outdoor day! Or take advantage of take-out ordering at the Iron Griz restaurant located on the north end of the golf course.

There are also plenty of longer stretches and loops to link together to get a longer, faster workout in. With about 5k of groomed trails and an endless combination of loops, there’s no excuse why you don’t log those k’s for Badwax. And if you’re going for Strava segments, looks like you’ll have to wait for the next snowfall to take down the Tornado…

During these challenging times with the pandemic, the groomed trails at UM are a bright spot. We are keeping our community unified, safe, and positive by getting creative for socially distant outdoor activities. This is a great way for community members and families to share the laughs, group workouts, and appreciation of our natural surroundings that makes us Missoula. Every day that the golf course is groomed MTCX hopes to see you out there!